Continuous Retrospective

We often recommend creating your retrospective at the beginning of your sprint (or body of work) and encourage team members to be adding ideas to the retrospective daily or as events happen that they want to talk about.

This really speeds up the reflection phase when everybody does meet as you not trying to remember what happened over the past two weeks.

Tracking Action Items

Once you start tracking your action items you will find that they start getting resolved faster. Tracking is automatic in ScatterSpoke and you just need to make sure they are getting resolved when they are finished. To resolve an action item click on the action items in the navbar, find the action item in the list and click "Resolve". Once you have done this a few times you will be able to view your improvement metrics in the team pulse report.

Seeing your average time to resolve we refer to as "Time to improvement", which is a great metric to track on a team level. You can also get a sense if you identifying improvement opportunities but never resolving them in the action items over time.

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