Not all the topics generating in a retrospective are going to be actionable. The discuss phase is designed to review the prioritized list of topics by either acknowledging it or deciding to an action to improve on it. By default, ScatterSpoke automatically sorts the topics by highest voted on. Each topic will be focused on individually to ensure that the teams focus is on the same thing. You can invite each participant to add comments to the topic, keeping in mind that comments include your name.

If the discussion leads into an idea for improvement you can save the card as an action item. Doing this allows you assign and set a due date so that the improvement is being held accountable by someone.

Each participant can signal that are ready to move on so the facilitator knows to change the topic of conversation. The facilitator can can change the focus by clicking "Next Card" or by simply click on the next topic in the list.

After reviewing each topic or the ones you want to cover you can end the retrospective. Ending the retrospective will lock the retrospective from being modified but can still be viewed by those on the team. Only the facilitator can end or reopen the retrospective.

You can get a summary of the retrospective by clicking export and choosing how you want your data.

Tip: When you start your next retrospective you can add your unresolved action items by following these steps.

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