The group phase is designed to help identify common themes and narrow down the amount of topics to discuss in the retrospective. In this phase we remove the column headings since the topics retain where they were added.

Anyone in the retrospective is allowed to create group's so if you are the facilitator encourage everyone to participate. Once you find topics that share a theme, simply drag one card onto the other similarly themed card to create a group.

You will also notice that we try to automatically suggest the name for the group by finding common words in the cards. If we don't find any we use the text from the card being dragged onto as the group title. But don't worry you can change the name of a group by simply clicking the text of the title, changing it, and hitting enter.

After finding all the common themes and grouping them together it's time for the facilitator to move onto the vote phase (or jump to any phase by clicking directly on it).

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