If you are an Admin of your ScatterSpoke account, navigate to the Organizational Settings and select Integrations to view all the different tools with which you can connect ScatterSpoke.

One of the tools in the list is Miro -- a whiteboard tool for collaboration.

If you already have an account in Miro, you can easily use this integration to import your retrospective data from Miro directly into ScatterSpoke for a more robust analytics experience.

Select Install App in the Integrations area of your Organizational Setting in ScatterSpoke.

Authorize Miro if you have an existing account on their platform already or Sign Up to create the connection.

Now, whenever you launch a retro in Miro, you will always have the option to export it to ScatterSpoke, using the ScatterSpoke icon at the very bottom of the Miro screen.

Click on the ScatterSpoke icon in Miro and select your team.

Choose specific feedback cards to export from each of your retrospective areas.

When you've decided which cards to export, click Export and this retrospective with all of its original contents from Miro will appear in your Team Retrospectives area of your ScatterSpoke dashboard.

That way, all of this feedback won't get lost. Instead, it will get incorporated into your Team Pulse analytics dashboard!

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