Tracking your Improvement Rating in ScatterSpoke can go a long way to maintaining a data-driven, quantitative approach to how well you’re using your time together to improve how you deliver value.

You can find your average improvement rating at the top of the Team Pulse analytics module view. The number out of 10 total possible points is an average of your team's Feedback Score, Frequency Score and Follow Through Score.

1) Feedback Stat

Your feedback score is based on each and every team member adding at least one card to every column on the retro board. Each retro is given a score and the average of those scores is reflected in this component of the scorecard.

2) Frequency Stat

Your frequency score is based on having a minimum of one retro created every 30 days. Each month, starting from your first month using this invaluable practice, is allotted a score.

Each month’s score contributes to an average that generates your frequency stat up until this point, from first retro to most recent retro.

3) Follow-Through Stat

Your follow-through score is based on the number of days it takes to close an individual action item. Each action item is given a score and the average of those scores is reflected here.

Track improvement rating by team or for all teams; for a custom period or for a quarter using the toggles at the top of the Team Pulse dashboard.

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