Discover invaluable insights from your team’s retrospective data! Use ScatterSpoke’s Team Pulse dashboard to view all of your team’s analytics about team health, retro quality and frequency, improvement ratings and so much more at a glance.

From your main dashboard in ScatterSpoke, select Team Pulse.

Use Team Pulse to visualize all of your team’s retro data in one place. Behind the scenes, Team Pulse leverages powerful AI to keep track of dynamic data such as:

  • Improvement Rating (a combined score of how varied your feedback is, how frequently you retro with your team and how consistent you are in following through on action items)

  • Positive vs Negative vs Neutral Sentiment of your team’s contributions over time

  • Feedback by Theme so you can easily categorize the topics that come up the most often (ex. Tools, Product, Process, People)

  • Positive vs Negative vs Neutral Sentiment by Theme so you can easily determine where the issues inside your team might be coming from

  • Specific topics that come up a lot (ex. Stakeholders, campaign X, meeting X) so you can track the patterns

  • Action item data so you can flag any overdue action items before they hurt your process improvement

  • And sooo much more!

Team Pulse does most of the work for you. Facilitators can control which teams Team Pulse is pulling data from and within which time period it’s looking. Control your team Pulse visualization by using the options at the top of your screen.

Select the teams you want to visualize and the time range you’re interested in (ex. Last month, last quarter, last year, all time, etc).

Team Pulse does the heavy lifting so you can make data-driven decisions about your team process improvement!

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