Connecting ScatterSpoke with Jira is easy using ScatterSpoke’s export functionality. Using the Export button in the top right corner of any retrospective board will generate a modal with options to select an export format that will serve your purposes.

Click the export button and select your favorite format.

To export your data from ScatterSpoke and add it to Jira, select the Jira export option. This export option allows you to send action items from ScatterSpoke directly to your Jira backlog so that you never lose track of your takeaways from retrospective meetings.

To activate the export, authorize your existing Jira account to make sure the connection can be successful. Click Authorize to start the process.

Login to your Atlassian account to Authorize.

You may need to authorize your sign in to Atlassian via 2FA if you have this set up. So, keep your phone close to confirm your identity!

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