In order to start a new retrospective for your team, navigate to the main dashboard in your ScatterSpoke account. Click on the Create retrospective button to generate modal from which you can choose your retrospective format.

In order to create a new retrospective begin by giving your retrospective a name, like “Retro #4” or “ Team Retrospective July 6th, 2021”. Next, choose a Canvas or Column retrospective format by toggling between the two options.

Starting a new retrospective also gives facilitators the opportunity to make the board visible to anyone with the link and add extra columns if they opt for a column-based retrospective. The most popular examples of additional columns include a parking lot column (for items that will get revisited in the future and don’t require urgent action) as well as an unresolved action items columns where actionable takeaways from discussions during the retrospective meeting can be visualized.

Once you have selected your retrospective format and named your new retrospective, click Create retrospective to open the new board.

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