Facilitators can grant team members access on the retrospective board level as well as on the account level.

Invite team members to join the entire account and get access to a team’s entire collection of retrospective boards by navigating to your Main Dashboard and selecting the highlighted Invite option.

There are three ways to invite team members to your account -- individual invites, group invites and team link invites.

For small teams and new additions to the team, invite a single team member to the account by sending an individual invite through their email address.

If your account is new or you’re the new facilitator for a whole team, opt to send a group invite to the account to bring everyone onboard all at once. Paste a list of email addresses or upload a .csv file of all of your team members’ email addresses and click Invite to send an invite to all of their inboxes at once.

Alternatively, enable the team invite link at the bottom of the invite team member pop up, copy the link and distribute to the appropriate parties. Anyone who signs up to ScatterSpoke with this link will be automatically connected with your team.

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