One of the main concerns of any excellent retrospective facilitator is keeping the meeting on track and productive. Time management is a key factor of making sure the team’s conversation is moving at a healthy pace towards generating actionable takeaways from the retrospective meetings. Most facilitators will time certain parts of the retrospective to make sure the group doesn’t run out of time before they have populated their list of action items (ex. 10 mins to add ideas to the board, 5 mins to vote, 25 mins discussion etc.)

ScatterSpoke has your back! There is a built-in timer inside the tool so that you can time any part of your team retro.

Facilitators can set the timer to any duration in minutes using the main facilitator menu on the left-hand side of any retrospective board.

Click Start Timer when you feel that the team is ready to jump into the next timebox of the meeting. When the timer starts, all participants will receive a notification pop-up at the bottom left corner of their screens.

In addition, participants can keep track of their time on the bottom of the retrospective board, where a dynamic countdown clock will be displayed.

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