Facilitators in ScatterSpoke can manage different types of retrospective board settings than users can. Some of these settings create an environment of anonymity, which encourages more participants to confidently share their ideas without fear of judgement from the group. Often, it also ensures that team members don’t get influenced by each others’ ideas which allows them to contribute more honestly.

In ScatterSpoke, facilitators can turn on the private feedback setting per retrospective board, so that participants can only see their own cards using the second option from the top on the left hand side of any retrospective board.

Clicking on the Turn on private feedback button will immediately turn on this privacy setting and every user who has access to the board will be notified about it through a small pop up message at the bottom left of their screen.

To reveal all of the feedback collected from every team member, facilitators can turn the visibility back on by clicking on the Reveal feedback option in the same area of the menu. This will reveal all feedback, so everyone’s cards will be visible after 5 seconds.

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