In order to focus the conversation on topics and ideas which are the most popular among the entire team, ScatterSpoke allows team members to vote for cards that they want to make sure get discussed in greater depth using the voting option on each individual card.

Using the + or - options on each card, team members can assign votes to their favorite topics.

Facilitators can manage voting by assigning a maximum number of available votes for each person in the main facilitation menu on the left-hand side of the retrospective board.

By setting a vote count per person, the facilitator can allow team members to vote for more than one topic that they would like to discuss.

This setting also makes it easy for the facilitator to understand how many of the team members have completed voting and how many are yet to cast all of their available votes on the board.

Setting a new vote count on the retrospective board level will permanently erase current, existing vote data and will set all of the vote counts on each individual card back to 0.

Tip: Facilitators! Set your vote counts before voting begins to avoid team members' votes getting erased from the cards.

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